My Desk Area

Hello everyone,

So I spent most of this morning studying for my upcoming exams and I thought that this afternoon would be the perfect time for another blog post. I have some exciting Halloween posts planned except I haven’t actually had the time to buy/make the things I need, so the post probably won’t happen until the actually day of Halloween… oh well!! Anyway, so I today I decided to show you guys a little part of my room which I love so much. Even though I don’t really study in here that often, as I like to keep my desk in my room for things I actually enjoy doing, like blogging and drawing (NOT studying :), I still wanted to show you what it looks like. I change up my desk very often, so this is just what it looks like at this point in time. I recently received my order from Typo, the curtain fairy lights and copper lamp, so that’s why I decided to feature them on my desk! I hope you enjoy a little snapshot of my room and be sure to let me know in the comments if you want to see more design posts like this.

Desk: Ikea

Copper lamp: Typo

Fairy lights: Typo

Thank you so much for reading about my desk area and I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my style/room. See you next week for some exciting Halloween themed posts!

love jasxx


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