Halloween Essentials

Hey everybody,

Eek… today is Halloween!! I’m actually so excited that it’s Halloween and that it is finally socially acceptable (in my street at least) to go all out with scary decorations for our house. I guess I don’t really go all out on Halloween, as my mum doesn’t believe in it, so I was quite lucky to be allowed to decorate this year. I accumulated these decorations over a few weeks, I find that’s the best way to do it. I also included some essential things that make Halloween even better, jack-o-lanterns are of course a must, except I was too late this year and (silly Jasmin) tried to buy some from the supermarkets today! Of course, that didn’t end well so now I’m pumpkinless!!! Oh well, I still scored some cute yet a little bit creepy decorations from around the place. I hope you guys enjoy seeing what Halloween is like for me, now it’s time to get dressed up and hand out lollies (in a non-weird/creepy way of course)!



Thank you so much for reading this post about Halloween and I hope you’re having an amazing day!

love jasxx


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