Summer Fashion // MINT & WHITE


hello everyone!!

I hope you’re having a super day and that school is going well so far! This post is a compilation of photos from a little shoot I did with my mum whilst I was on summer holidays. I spent a week at my beach house with my mum, dad, brother and little cousin. We all get along so well and it was just so lovely to spend quality time with everyone, at one of my favourite places in the world – the beach! Everyday, we would get up, eat breaky, go for a huge beach walk, go swimming, eat and have lots of ice cream. It was definitely the life!! Both of these outfits feature mint and white tones, which together have been my absolute favourite combination recently. I just love the light and cool tone the combo gives to an outfit! For basically the entire holidays I’ve been sporting this straw hat which I accidently stumbled across when I was shopping for camping supplies with my Dad at Rays Outdoors! It was only $20, so not only was it something I didn’t even know existed but it was also a total bargain. Anyway, here are some more photos from this absolutely blissful day.









I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to the beach and what my favourite outfits have been.

love jasxx


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