Lush Love


hello everyone!!!

It feels as though I haven’t been on my blog in ages, frankly because I haven’t actually! I’m sorry for my absence recently, I’ve started Year 11 at school and I’ve just started to get that feeling – you know all settled in so nicely, almost like that of being snuggled up in a doona watching G.O.T. (my recent obsession)! It’s legit so addicting to watch. G.O.T. means Game of Thrones if you were wondering haha. Another one of my obsessions for the last I don’t even know how long, has been LUSH! It’s just so pleasing to look at, smells and works amazing, as well as so easy to become addicted to collecting!! This is  a mini haul of sorts I guess you could say. Enjoy xx






My favourite featured products:

Snow Fairy Shower Gel – deliciously sweet, literally smells as though you’re eating a huge, 30cm ball of fairy floss!

Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb – both sweet and spicy smelling, however, the amazing clove and cinnamon scents shine through (ahh yum!!!)

Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar – oh so fruity and creates bubbles which are just as pretty.

Comforter Bubble Bar – a blackcurrant-based scent, totally reminds me of the Ribena’s that I would BEG my Mum for in Primary School.

Fairy Dust – literally like tipping a packet of glitter on my body, only that it smells amaze too!!!!

Let me know if you love LUSH too! Seriously though, my love for LUSH grows like 5 metres every day. Not kidding.

love jasxx


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